Is Lonzo Ball faking his knee injury? Kyle Kuzma thinks so.

Things in the Lakers locker room are starting to heat up after Kyle Kuzma, Lakers’ rookie forward, told beat reporter Mike Trudell after Sunday nights loss to the Toronto Raptors, “Zo’s faking his knee injury to stay out of Lakers losing headlines”. He further emphasized the importance of playing through the Lakers slump even addressing his recent numbers “I’ve hit a slump in my numbers, maybe I’ve hit that rookie wall, but I’m still the best player on the Lakers since Kobe.  I’m just praying we don’t sign Lebron or Paul George.  I need to sell those Kuzmania shirts.”

Kuzma continued on, saying that “Zo went as far as not bringing his kicks on the trip because he knows Coach can’t make him play in the BBB Sandals. Too bad Gelo (Ball) isn’t on the team, that dude’s a gamer”. Tensions continue to grow between the two as it’s said that Kuzma clearly drew lines in the sand when he publicly supported Lonzo’s brother Liangelo on twitter “@LiAngeloBall you the only non disfunctional (sic) brother I rock with you”.

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